We threw a BIG Party!

We threw a BIG Party!

For nearly 12 years, you’ve been eating, drinking and merrymaking under our lantern, but soon we will need to bid farewell to our McKillop Street home. And how does one say goodbye to a venue that has seen countless celebrations, long lunches, milestone dinners, special events and festivities? With one massive Farewell Party of course!  This was our official farewell , however, we are still at our McKillop St home until Mid October so there is time to come down and enjoy the classic Red Spice Road experience! 

On Saturday August 24th, our loyal guests and their friends braved the rain and the White Night crowds to join us for a grand celebration.

The restaurant was transformed into a South-East Asian hawker market of epic proportions. The furniture moved out and the food (oh, the food), moved in! The long room tables became tables of a mouth-watering banquet feast. Curries, dumplings, pork belly, Thai salads, plus a huge array of other South-East Asian delights literally covered these rather large tables.

As you moved further into the room, housed under our red lantern was the bar, serving out bottomless booze from our team with a smile.

Wandering in a little further, you reached the betel leaf station which enveloped our DJ for the night (well, why not!). Little bite-size parcels, filled with all sorts of tasty goodness for you to devour at your leisure.

As you stepped outside to the courtyard, one would find their source of freshly poured Moondog beer, (delivered straight from the keg), and the irresistible aromas of the grill – with a team of chefs serving up a range of “bits on sticks” that kept you coming back for more.

Our guests ate and drank and mingled to their hearts’ content, only put on hold momentarily for a traditional lion dance that entered the restaurant and made its way through the entire venue. Enticingly loud and masterful, this traditional spectacle was a sight to see for all our guests.

After an official “good luck to our new chapter ceremony”, the lions left, and the party continued. More eating drinking, and the discovery of our chocolate fountain in the dessert station. After so much feasting, one must enjoy a lil’ something sweet, right?!

With full bellies, and some increased confidence due to alcoholic lubrication, the dancing began. A crowd gathered under the red lantern to get their boogie (and conga-line) on! Everyone let loose – guests, staff, management and owners combined, with even some table dancing to raise an eyebrow or two.

It was an exceptional evening for all. It was a fitting party for a venue that has been our home for so many years now. It was a grand celebration for what will be our next exciting chapter ahead.

Thank you to everyone that came to share in this fabulous night with our team. We cannot wait to see you at our new home on Queen Street in October! 🙂

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