Nothing Wasted – An OzHarvest Fundraising Dinner

Nothing Wasted – An OzHarvest Fundraising Dinner

When: Thursday August 9th, from 6:30pm
Where: Meat Fish Wine, 31 Artemis Lane, Melbourne CBD
What: A four-course banquet menu designed by Red Spice Road Executive Chef, John McLeay, served over 8 dishes, with matching wines.
How Much: $99 per person, with all proceeds going to OzHarvest
Bookings: Purchase your tickets here

Cauliflower stem rice, potato peels, pigs ears, carrot tops, fish heads, pickled watermelon rind and black bananas. Mmmmm, what a delicious combination!

No, we haven’t gone a lil’ loopy. In an age where food waste has gotten quite out of control, not only with wasted “good” food, but also with the off-cuts and parts of the products that normally end up in the bin. Well, Red Spice Road’s Exec Chef, John McLeay, is turning this behaviour on its head, creating a menu dedicated to those items we’d normally think of as scraps – delivering a delicious Asian-inspired banquet inspired by these “waste” ingredients, all in support of OzHarvest!

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1000 charities supporting people in need across the country. Their goal is to also educate people when it comes to preventing food waste, which is what this dinner is all about!

It doesn’t stop there though. We’re also partnering with Unico Zelo wines. These guys aim to avoid wasting grapes in the Adelaide Hills region by working closely with local growers – a concept very much aligned with that of OzHarvest.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience a dinner where you know every part of the fruit, vegetable, chicken, pig and fish have been put to good use, while slurping on wine that is all about saving the grapes – this is one for you. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to supporting the bloody legends at OzHarvest, so it really is dining for a good cause!

This dinner will be held at Meat Fish Wine, the dedicated function venue from Apples + Pears Entertainment Group.

The Menu:

On arrival: 2017 Harvest Blanc de Blancs


Sausage of broken noodles and fermented pork, bruised pear nam prik

Chicken skin, pickled fish head, miso, seaweed

Matched with 2017 Harvest Sauvignon Blanc


Cracker of leftover rice, chopped broccoli marrow, Vietnamese inspired carrot top pesto

Pig’s ears, Sichuan flavours, fennel kimchi

Matched with 2017 Harvest Chardonnay


Fried snapper wings, spicy broth of spotty carrot juice, ginger, coriander stems

Penang curry of burnt end of brisket, pickled watermelon rind, potato peel

Cauliflower stem, left over leaf, mushroom off-cut friend rice

Matched with 2017 Harvest Pinot Noir


Black banana parfait, burnt white chocolate, pineapple peel gel, crumbs of stale bread

Matched with Applewood Limoncello

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