Our new menu is here, bigger and bolder than ever before. With 18+ new dishes, expect a fabulous variety of exceptional food to appease all appetites. (Don’t worry, our pork belly chilli caramel still features!) The culinary team, led by Head Chef Sungeun Mo, have been busy curating the ultimate menu which pushes the boundaries when it comes to bold, complex and refreshing flavours.


Our entire team is very proud of how this mouth-watering menu has come together, featuring some of our most delicious dishes to date.

 Some of the new stars on the menu are: 

  • Whole baby barramundi, coconut rice, cucumber, chilli nam prik (as pictured above) 
  • Southern coconut curry, grilled king prawns, crispy wonton skin (as pictured below)
  • Pad kra pao gai, diced chicken, holy basil, peanut
  • Lamb shank curry, grilled roti, picked mustard, mint yoghurt (as pictured below) 
  • Crispy tofu stir fry, gailan, button, king oyster and wood ear mushrooms



Come and enjoy all the new flavours at Red Spice Road at our new Queen street venue.  

This menu doesn’t shy away in flavour. Experience all the new flavours and book your table in today!


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