John McLeay Presents

John McLeay Presents

When: Wednesday, October 24th at 7pm
Where: Orchid Room at Red Spice QV, 31 Artemis Lane, Melbourne CBD
What: 5 unique courses, served with free flowing wine and beer
How Much: $129 per person
Bookings: Purchase your tickets here

Our fascinating journey began with Exec Chef, John McLeay, 11 years ago, when flagship restaurant Red Spice Road opened its doors. Lil’ sis, Red Spice QV, then entered our lives 6 years ago, and next came the colourful Burma Lane, soon to turn 5.

Throughout the years, a mighty team of Head Chefs have joined forces with John, to run our restaurant kitchens. For one night only, these talented chefs will take you on a foodie adventure, each preparing a different course, each showcasing their passion and strengths.

John McLeay (Executive Chef), Marty Stojaspal (Red Spice QV), Justin Lush (Burma Lane), Dylan McCormack (Red Spice Road) & Daniele Gagno (Pastry chef extraordinaire) – will work together to create an exceptional menu with free flowing wine and beer. 

John Mcleay Presents will be a dinner of a different kind, where you’ll be treated to the tale of our restaurants, our very own master chefs, and the food they love to cook.

John McLeay will be there to present the entire evening so this is truly going to be a special night!

The Menu:

Steamed bun, slab bacon, fennel kimchi, ssamjang mayo (Marty)
Scallops, miso butter, pickled cherry blossom, shimeji, asparagus (John)
Crying tiger chargrilled beef, shallots, lime, chilli, coriander (Dylan)
Ocean trout, fennel, vanilla, glazed mushrooms, coconut, chilli jam (Justin)
Bombe Alaska: Pandan meringue, passionfruit ice-cream, cardamom + coconut biscuit, Sichuan pepper marinated pineapple (Daniele)

N.B. due to the nature of this event, with a pre-designed menu, dietary requirements cannot be catered for.

Unfortunately, we do not allow for refunds on ticketed events.

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