Authentic Asia

Authentic Asia

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Proudly presented by Time Out Live

When: Wednesday July 25th, from 6:30pm
What: A 7 dish culinary adventure with 2 hours of free-flowing wine and beers
How Much: $120 per person
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A unique chance to indulge in all of the eclectic flavours of Thai cuisine over the course of a progressive feast. Kick off your culinary adventure with the humble street food of Chiang Mai; simple yes, but bursting with deliciousness.You’ll then eat your way through a banquet of a different kind, travelling through various cities, with each dish a step up in finesse. Your mouth-watering journey will culminate in the high-end cuisine of the most alluring restaurants of Bangkok, before finishing things sweetly in the Ratchaburi Province!

The Menu:

Chiang Mai
Khao Khan aromatic stewed pork knuckle, boiled egg

Jungle rabbit karipap, wild peppercorns, karachi, tamarind jaew

Roasted smoked duck laap, torn herbs, charred onion, nam phrik

Pak Chong
BBQ quail, coriander, white pepper

Choo Chee tiger prawns, makrut, roasted chilli, holy basil

Oxtail, cumin, coconut, cardamom, star anise, compressed pineapple

Passion fruit, kaffir lime, coconut water, burnt white chocolate


2016 Pete’s Pure Prosecco (Euston, NSW)
2016 Pete’s Pure ‘Bianco’ Pinot Grigio (Euston, NSW)
2017 Pete’s Pure ‘Rosso’ Shiraz/Pinot Noir (Euston, NSW)
Moon Dog ‘Old Mate’ Pale Ale (Abbotsford, VIC)
Soft drinks & juices are available upon request

Get on board, your authentic Asian journey awaits…

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